A Sensory Integration Room project?
Let’s do it together!

At Hop'Toys we believe that Sensory Integration is a value-added approach for professionals. That's why we decided to support you creating a Sensory Integration Room, according to your needs, patients’ profile and your budget.

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A custom project

1. Define your needs

We carry out a thorough analysis of your needs to offer you the ideal therapy room for your professional practice.

  • What is the surface area of your room?
  • What kind of solutions are you interested in ?
  • Who are your patients ? What are their needs ?

2. Choose the type of structure according to your needs

Itinerant support frame

The lightest, strongest and most cost-effective material. You can set it up in almost any area. Ideal for on-the-go therapist.

Custom support structure

A solid, stable and free standing structure. Perfect for rooms that cannot accommodate permanently installed ceiling eyebolts.

Ceiling mount system

Fix anchor points directly in the ceiling

3. Equipment and accessories

Swings and accessories for vestibular stimulation
Weight and resistance products
Balance and obstacle courses
Sensory Tools
Fine motor and visuospatial skills 
Oral motor tools, feeding and drinking aids

Quotation and 3D Plan

After learning about the available space and having selected together the best products for your needs, we created a 3D video plan with all the elements placed in the room. A virtual tour for you!

Our projects

Sensory Integration Room at Medical Educational Institute in Blois (France)
Sensory Integration Room at Nancy Occupational Therapy Institute (France)

Testimonials from professionals

The real challenge and the real difficulty was to design a project between September (the date we presented our idea to the team) and the January 28th deadline (date of the first training session): So we had only 4 and a half months to build the project, think about its use and the educational material that would be necessary. We were really supported by Hop'Toys who proposed us two different projects for the vestibular structure. We had other ideas at the beginning of the project. Thanks to the 3D plans made by Hop'Toys the final idea to create 3 different areas (Sensory Integration, sensorimotor and quiet time) was made possible.Cédric Gavier, Occupational Therapist and Pedagogical Referent at the Occupational Therapy Training Institute of Nancy

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Cécile Maigron
Project support service
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Whether you are a professional or a representative of an institution or association, our team is available to help you develop your idea of ​​INS room, design it and put it in place.